Jess is a former Architect turned Fitness and Wellness Coach. She made the change in her career when she reached burnout from her ‘corporate’ job in London. Jess is now dedicated to helping people manage stress and anxiety through fitness and nutrition and is the founder of FIT & FKD, a holistic health and wellbeing business that embraces balance.


Jess's ambition is to help reframe the way people approach mental and physical health, celebrating the process rather than the result, progress over perfection and fun over fear. Her aim is to be open and honest about her own journey with the hope to empower others to do the same and become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.

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Jess works with men and women of all ages and fitness levels who want to master their strength, both physically and mentally, without fear or bullshit. Learn the 'How' and 'Why behind what you're doing so that you can optimise all aspects of your health and focus on the bigger picture: Thriving.


Jess offers both in person 1:1 sessions (currently based in Split, Croatia), as well as working with clients online.


Start today by booking your consultation: its relaxed, free and a great opportunity to get to know each other.



Focusing on strength and conditioning training with high intensity workouts to achieve highly effective results in strength, fitness and weight loss.


Re-frame and re-train. Understanding the power of our mind and how to overcome fear so that you can

achieve your goals.


Be part of the F&F Family -

a community of likeminded,

inspiring people who believe you

can be and will be more.


Creating a nutritional road map that allows you to hike to the top of that mountain and still go out on a

Friday night.

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"My self-confidence since training with Jess has increased so much and I'm and getting fitter and stronger every day. I love that when I train with Jess we can connect on another level - not just a trainer and client but a friendship. We can have a laugh and also be serious when it's needed. Jess goes out of her way to show me how to perform certain movements both together at the gym or by teaching me online. She gives me the motivation and confidence to keep pushing myself and has taught me a lot about mindest and keeping a positive attitude (especially when life gets 'fkd), for which I'm extremely grateful."

- Tannaz



We’re all about being mentally and physically fit but we also get that life can get a little bit fkd sometimes. 

Whether you are physically fkd, mentally fkd or know what it is to get fkd [up, over...], we don’t judge and in

fact believe this is where the best opportunities to grow comes from.

What tends to hold us back from this growth is fear...this is often because we are venturing into the unknown

and we don’t have control over the unknown. And for fellow control freaks out there, THAT is scary.

Fit & Fkd offers a unique approach to fitness and wellbeing. Our aim is to explore and share ideas of what being ‘fit’ really means and how to overcome fear by changing our mindset. We work with personal trainers,

yoga teachers, nutritionists, therapists, acupuncturists, adventurers...the list goes on...



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